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What is the Field Armor Exoskeleton?

Created and evolved since 2003, the Field Armor Exoskeleton is patented (No 10/858,036) apparel specifically designed to protect paintball players from the impact of paintballs. Our Armored Exoskeleton jumpsuits, pants, jackets and vests are manufactured in a light-weight and durable material with mesh ventilation throughout the garment. All Armored Exoskeleton jumpsuits are accessorized with three pod-holders, zipper pockets and a squeegee holder.

Field Armor's protective gear has been tested and written about by some of the most popular paintball magazines and paintball blogging sites such as WarPig, Splatt, P8nt and Paintball Mag.

We specialize only in providing the best protective apparel for paintball players; while balancing comfort, maximum protection and cost.

We don't manufacture or sell paintball guns, paintballs or fashion attire.