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Industry Reviews on our Armored Vests, Jumpsuits, Jackets and Pants

Over the years Field Armor Paintball Armor has gained notoriety from many top industry Magazines, Blogs and Paintball Web Sites as being paintballs premier protective attire. Paintball fields all over the world not only buy our armor to protect their referees but also their players.

P8NT Magazine
Field Armor has become a staple name for protective gear in paintball. Instead of having to purchase all the various components for paintball wear (jersey, pack and individual pieces of protective equipment) players can make one purchase and get all they need to hit the field running. For the padding and accessories you get in one exoskeleton it would cost $339.00 if purchased separately.
Paintball Magazine
To test the product I did something I had never done before. I put on the suit , went out to the Arizona Combat Games test site and let my gunsmith John Rice shoot at me. I can tell you it is spooky just standing there with no way to shoot back. He shot some twenty rounds, most hitting me somewhere. One or two even hit the chest. None of them stung. Out of 20 shots 2 were deflected and 18 broke. The suit works as advertised.
Paintball 2Xtremes
Designed as a protective exoskeleton, the Field Armor suits deliver maximum protection for the legs, knees, male areas, chest, arms, hands and the neck while allowing compete range of motion at all the joints. Suits snap and zip close and are relatively simple to pull on and off, even over layers of clothing. Suits are even available with matching hood designs.
Paintball Games International
Do you enjoy the slight pain of a paintball hit and the resulting welt? Some people do. For the rest of us, Field Armor makes the protective exoskeleton, a durable, lightweight, weather resistant suit for new players and seasoned pros alike. The suit is padded everywhere it matters and even has a walkie talkie pouch, squeegee holder, front zippered pockets and plenty of pod holders. The chest protector includes inside mesh ventilation and a flap-over adjustment snap so that players can open the suit for added ventilation between games.
Paintball News
Field Armor's protective exoskeleton is paintballs only premier body armor. It comes in an assortment of styles and prints. Bonus features not found on other types of armor include a list of well placed accessories. Field Armor takes the pain out of paintball by using lightweight water repellant polymers with just the right thickness to prevent even the most nastiest bruise.